Newcastle Trails, Newcastle, WA

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Categories: Central Trail System, May Creek Greenway, Northeast Trails, East Side Trails, Southwest Trails, Proposed Trails
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  2R: 2 road crossings   2D: 2 driveway crossings
Trail Route
Central Trail System
CrossTown Trail: From Middle School and Newcastle Way into Cougar Mountain Park
West CrossTown Trail   2.4 mi, 4R, 21D   Walkable Stroller Large Wheel Picnic Incline   From Middle School via Lake Boren Park to Parkway at SE 79th Pl
East CrossTown Trail   1.6 mi, 3R, 1D   Hikeable Steps Incline   From Parkway at SE 79th Pl into Cougar Mountain Park
Waterline Trail   1.3 mi, 3R, 8D   Walkable Stroller Equestrian   From Newcastle Way south past Lake Boren Park to May Creek Park
China Creek Trail   0.8 mi, 3R, 0D   Walkable   From CrossTown Trail thru Hazelwood Ridge and east to Parkway
Lake Boren Esplanade   1.0 mi, 1R, 4D   Walkable Stroller   From Newcastle Way south on Parkway past Lake Boren Park to entrance
May Creek Greenway:         From Lake Washington east along May Creek and on to Cougar Mountain
May Creek Trail:   3.8 mi, 2R, 6D   From Lake Washington east along May Creek to Coal Creek Parkway
West May Creek Trail   1.8 mi, 1R, 0D   Walkable Picnic   Incomplete A creekside trail from Lake Washington thru Renton to Newcastle
Mid May Creek Trail   1.4 mi, 0R, 2D   Walkable Large Wheel Equestrian   A rail trail from Windtree in SW Newcastle east to the Waterline Trail
East May Creek Trail   0.8 mi, 0R, 0D   Walkable Incline   A creek-visiting trail from the Waterline Trail east to Coal Creek Parkway
Highlands Trail:   A loop trail from the Parkway at 91st around the Highlands at Newcastle
South Highlands Trail   1.6 mi, 3R, 0D   Walkable Equestrian   From Parkway at SE 91st St east & north to Terrace Trail at 144th Place SE
North Highlands Trail   0.7 mi, 3R, 0D   Walkable Equestrian   From Terrace Trail at 144th Pl SE & SE 87th Pl west & south to SE 91st
Terrace Trail   0.7 mi, 1R, 0D   Walkable Steps   From Highlands Trail at 144th Pl SE & SE 87th Pl to CrossTown Trail and Terrace
Heritage Trail   0.5 mi, 3R, 0D   Walkable Equestrian   From Heritage Morgan Park east & south across the Highlands Trail loop
Northeast Trails
Coal Creek Trail   4.2 mi, 0R, 0D   Hikeable Incline   From 119th Ave SE at Parkway along Coal Creek to Cougar Mountain Park
Primrose Trail   0.7 mi, 0R, 0D   Hikeable Incline   Branches from Coal Creek Trail east of Parkway, follows creek, rejoins trail
YMCA Trail   0.1 mi, 0R, 0D   Hikeable Incline   A short access trail from the Coal Creek YMCA to the Coal Creek Trail
Thomas Rouse Trail   0.5 mi, 0R, 0D   Walkable Steps   Incomplete From Coal Creek Trail thru Newcastle Commons to the Golf Course Trail
Golf Course Trail   1.3 mi, 0R, 0D   Walkable Equestrian   From 136th Ave SE along Newcastle Golf Club Road to 155th Ave SE
Eastside Trails
Clubhouse Trail   0.4 mi, 0R, 1D   Walkable Incline   From golf clubhouse south thru golf course down to Meadowview Park
Meadowview Trail   0.9 mi, 3R, 13D   Walkable Stroller   From golf course at SE 79th St thru Ballybunion Park to Cougar Mountain
Southwest Trails
Hazelwood Trail   0.3 mi, 0R, 1D   Walkable Steps   From 116th Ave SE east to CrossTown Trail in Hazelwood Park
Horse Trail   0.7 mi, 2R, 3D   Walkable   Incomplete From Donegal Park south past Olympus to the 84th Street Trail
84th Street Trail   0.5 mi, 1R, 0D   Hikeable Incline   From 116th Ave SE east past Cottington to the Horse Trail
Olympus Trail   0.8 mi, 4R, 0D   Walkable Incline   Incomplete From CrossTown Trail south thru Olympus to Waterline Trail at Eden's Grove
Milepost Trail   0.9 mi, 2R, 16D   Walkable Stroller Steps   From Lake Boren Park south thru Milepost to Highlands Trail at Parkway
Proposed Trails
Sylvan Trail   0.4 mi, 0R, 0D     From Lake Washington Crest to CrossTown Trail in Hazelwood Ridge
Lake Boren Trail   1.1 mi, 3R, 11D     A loop trail around Lake Boren
Gypsy Creek Trail   0.7 mi, 0R, 0D     From Kenyon-Dobson Park in Renton south to May Creek Trail at Windtree

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